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from musicwired:
Join the "teacher`s combo",
put a link to your homepage or
register for musicwired as teacher.

There are three different ways to profit from musicwired as a teacher:

1. Get a link from the musicwired home page. This is the loosest connection, and you cannot use any shared material. The only thing you have to do in return is to put a link to the homepage on your own site.

2. Register for musicwired as teacher. Advertise your lessons to students who try to find a teacher by means of the internet.

3. Be an active part and join musicwired`s "teachers combo". We are still looking for always one keyboarder, horn - or windplayer, bassplayer, drummer and percussionist who likes the concept and wants to work as one of the musicwired online teachers. Send us your teaching material in any computer file format via e-mail, and we will transpose it into the appropiate design.We put it on our server for free and you will be allowed to share all the general themes. Cotact us to find out the conditions.
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